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March 4, 2016
March 4, 2016



M ost strokes result from a blockage in a brain artery which stops the flow of oxygen-rich blood. Following the blockage, the nerve cells die due to lack of oxygen, disrupting the neuronal circuits and leading to permanent neurological and physical disability and long-lasting handicaps. By transplanting ASP stem cells , it is possible to repair the damaged brain and recover the lost body functions. The mechanism involved in the brain healing is not fully understood but what we observe is a progressive recovery of the brain functions followed by a recovery of the speech and mobility functions.


O ur understanding is that at the time of the stroke, the brain produces astrocytes and neural stem cells whose functions are to stop the damage to spread and produce new neurons and new neuronal connections. This repair is however limited in time and after a few days, the self-healing mechanism has stopped. By injecting ASP Stem CellsASP Stem Cells , the self-healing mechanism is triggered again and the patient’s brain starts to produce new neural stem cells which go to the damaged areas and create new neurons and new neuronal connections. By repeating the ASP Stem Cell injections every 6 or 7 days, it keeps the brain healing systembrain healing system running and achieves the most efficient repair after stroke.