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March 1, 2016
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March 2, 2016

Medical Weight Management


What is Medical Weight Management?

A medical program designed to promote fat loss and increase muscle leading to improved body composition and a healthy total body weight.

Necessary Components

There are three necessary components to effective fat-reduction and weight-management:
• Proper Nutrition
• Sufficient Exercise
• Optimization of key hormones.

Our Medical Weight Management Program helps you:

• Optimize fat-loss, Build and strengthen lean muscle
• Detect, prevent, and/or reverse onset Type II Diabetes
• Detect and treat any hormone deficiencies which lead to weight/fat gain
• Treat Obesity and treat Diabetes

Weight Loss VS Fat Loss:

• Weight loss includes losing both muscle AND fat
• Muscle loss slows your metabolism
• Fat loss improves health, reduces health risks

Our Medical Weight Management Program prevents the loss of muscle while dieting. Our Nutrition and fitness consultant will customize your weight management program.

Weight Management Program

1. Healthy food
2. Healthy nutrient’s, vitamins and supplement’s
3. Regular Exercise
4. Lipotropic (Fat-loss)- Lipotropic compounds are those that help catalyse the breakdown of fat during metabolism in the body.